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VIDEO UPDATE - December 2017 - Me Ripping some gears in the Capri and scaring Dad!

VIDEO UPDATE - October 2017 - Joe had a huge 4-eye Fox get togehter in the fall. We ended up taking a nice cruise through Bucks County hitting some really awesome twisties!

VIDEO UPDATE - July 2017 - Another exhaust cam clip. Really go through the gears on this one. Turn up the volume!


VIDEO UPDATE - November 2016 - Me and Dad racing in Mexico!

2nd gear roll this time

And a clip of Dad's exhaust - his car is a beast for sure (new 363 build)


79-86 Mustang and Capri HVAC Knobs!

VIDEO UPDATE - 6-30-16 - Burnout cam!  WAY better!  Turn up the volume!

VIDEO UPDATE - 6-8-16 - Exhaust cam teaser.  Just a quick clip of the exhaust!  I definitely have to get some better shots. 

Ford 8.8 rearend gear swap Tech Tip - March 2016

When doing a gear swap - ALWAYS change the bearing AND the race.  Seems like a reasonable thing to do right?  Well, first time in we didn't pop out the race - we just pressed on the new bearing - BIG mistake.  I knew better but didn't change the race anyway.  Regardless of the bearing (parts store, Ford or otherwise) I should have changed the race too.  I suppose a parts store bearing might have fit the race that was in there (motive gear I believe) but always change the bearing AND race at the same time - they wear and seat to each other so mis-matching is NEVER a good thing - again I knew better. 

To add more to this story, turns out the new style Ford pinion bearing is in fact a special piece, and their race absolutely HAS to go with their bearing as seen below.  Luckily I didn't drive far and the gears were fine.

Symptoms were having to remove ALL the pinion depth shims (which you should NEVER have to do) - then having to move the carrier far to the left just to get the backlash close.  This threw off the coast pattern (which we didn't even look at) - causing the rear to be super noisy.  Would have blew it up for sure had I driven on it more than I did.

The fix was to use the proper Ford tool to set pinion debth - then of course to use a dial indicator to set the backlash (.08 - .12).



Lesson learned!



Bi-wing support for 84-86 Ford Mustang SVO's.  Similar to a version on Ebay from years ago that cracked very easily.  This is much thicker and super strong.  Works great!

VIDEO UPDATE - 5-11-2012 - New best in the Capri.  11.2@123!  Still can't get the launch down and my shifting still stinks but 10's are right around the corner.  I ran an 11.3 as well with a much better 60ft. time but I screwed up the 2-3 shift!  A bit old I know but finally getting around to getting the vids online.

Same run from inside with the GoPro!

VIDEO UPDATE - 10-23-2012 - Dad at the track. We went to a track rental and Dad ripped off another 10 second ET. Man his car flys. In the process we damaged the upper control arm bushings. Time to step up to some Steeda HD uppers!

Same run from the GoPro!

VIDEO UPDATE - 3-11-12 - Me and Dad our for a cruise!!!

UPDATE June 31st 2011: Dads car went 11.1@125! 10's are right around the corner!

UPDATE - December 3rd: Dads car went 10.9@127!!!!!!!!!!! JACKPOT!

After a disappointing black Friday outing at ATCO with me driving his car, Dad had to go back the next week to do it himself! He backed up the 10.9@126 with a 10.9@127! Man his car rips! Nice work DAD!



NEW for 2012! I installed new mufflers on the Capri - I went with the Dynomax VT's! So far I love them! I also went with a stainless Bassani X-pipe and stainless flow tubes and tailpipes from American Muscle. Below is a teaser vid - For more pics and awesome launch vids click the Dynomax VT REVIEW!

Click HERE to view flash intro...

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Most recently added is a gallery and information on my newly acquired 1986 Ford Mustang SVO. The Mustang SVO features a 2.3L Turbocharged 4 cylinder engine with 200hp. Also standard for SVO's was 4 wheel disk brakes and 5 lugs.

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