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X-Pipe Vs. H-pipe


Lots of people ask what the difference is between an X-pipe and an H-pipe.  Sound differences, power differences ease of installation etc.  While this vid has been on my site for years I've decided to give it a little love with a "tech" article.

You can hear the difference for yourself but I'd say an X-pipe is a bit more raspy while the H-pipe has a deeper sound.  They both install about the same and as far as power - it's a debate that will go on forever...but I'd say an X-pipe (...)


2012 Four Eyed Fox-A-Que



Well it's official!  The 2012 Four Eyed Fox-A-Que will be held on July 21st 2012.

Click HERE for more info! (...)

New Site


Well as you can see I've completely re-designed my site.  I go through phases and need to change things up but I've very happy with this one.

I'm sure it will go through it's fair share of tweaks but so far so good.

Hopefully everyone likes the new layout and enjoys their browsing experience and visits back often.

Please let me know your thoughts by commenting or contacting me especially if you experience any issues.

Thanks and Enjoy!


2011 Site Changes


The new year brings NEW changes for  For the most part things look the same but you will notice some slight changes.  Mostly stuff behind the scenes though.

The main thing is the site is now completely searchable.  Finding content is super easy so have at it!  News, Tech and For Sale are setup differently now and more easily manageable as well.

I've also added a PayPal button under ALL images in case you want to purchase one!  :-).

The (...)

2010 FEP BBQ Pics


The annual Four Eyed Pride BBQ get together was July 17th in Long Island and it was a blast. I finally got all the pics uploaded. There are a ton of pics that everyone took and they all turned out awesome. It was an absolutely awesome day and I can't wait until next year.


SVO Info and Specs


I finally got around to adding SVO info & specs. I broke everything out so each car has its own SPECS page and its own INFO page.

SVO Specs
SVO info

Capri Specs (...)

Updated SVO Pictures


There will soon be a more information section for the SVO which will include some facts along with pictures of what makes the SVO so unique. The pictures are available but the page isn't yet (SEE UPDATE ABOVE). I also finally got around to detailing the interior and re-fuzzying the dash panels - all of those pics can be seen HERE. Finally, I went to the track with the SVO and she (...)

My New 86 SVO Mustang


After a long search I finally picked up another Fox Chassis car. This time a 2.3L 4 cylinder Turbo in the form of an 86 SVO. The car is all original with 77k miles. It's super clean and runs awesome. BOOST is fun for sure. It's cold here so a full detail will have to wait until spring but there are a few pics of it as I received it.

DSCN0118 (...)

Site Tweaks


I've made a few backend tweaks to the site along with a more organized multimedia section. You'll also notice the home page has been tweaked a bit. Overall things should load super fast now and be more mobile friendly. As mentioned below even more updates to follow - stay tuned and enjoy!

New Server


I've moved to my own server. Things should work out a bit better now. I'm excited to be more in control. More updates, quicker updates and a more reliable site should make for a better experience. There are also more changes in the works. Stay tuned...

New Lead Photo


I've updated the site with a new lead photo. It's an HDR shot from a day at Tyler state park in Bucks County Pa with my fiance.  The original pic can be seen in the wallpaper section. I'll try to keep updating the main page with new pics as I take them. Enjoy.



I wanted to add a news section so updates could be seen at a glance. I've been trying to keep the site more updated with new stuff and thought this would be another good way to do that. The latest stuff will always appear first. The news page is the first entry! Visit back often as it's always being updated.

Custom T-shirts


I made some ascMcLaren T-shirts along with a few others of friends' cars! They are very popular and available starting at $30 shipped. Custom shirts also available upon request. Please CONTACT me today if you're interested in one of your own! (Click the thumbnails below to visit the custom T-shirts page.)




Videos section has been updated with ton of videos of my Dad's 87 Mustang Lx and one of my Capri doing a nasty sounding burnout at the track. (Click the thumbnails below to visit the videos page.)


Tech Articles


I've added a tech section to the site. It's always nice to find something on the web to aid an install. I hope it's useful. Please CONTACT me with any questions. I will update this section as new projects come along.  Enjoy! (click the thumbnails below to visit the tech section)




The wallpaper section has been updated with a couple new shots of my Capri...including a cool HDR one! (Click the thumbnails below to visit the wallpaper section)