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X-Pipe Vs. H-pipe


Lots of people ask what the difference is between an X-pipe and an H-pipe.  Sound differences, power differences ease of installation etc.  While this vid has been on my site for years I've decided to give it a little love with a "tech" article.

You can hear the difference for yourself but I'd say an X-pipe is a bit more raspy while the H-pipe has a deeper sound.  They both install about the same and as far as power - it's a debate that will go on forever...but I'd say an X-pipe (...)


Headlight relay upgrade



Fox chassis cars are known for having headlight issues...everything from flashing lights when the fogs are on, to blown headlight and multi-function (turn signal) switches.  Basically because all the power goes directly through those 2 (...)

Ford 2.3T Turbocharger and Manifold Removal


1986 Mustang SVO Turbocharger - IMG_0567

Summer 2011 I blew the turbo to manifold gasket and developed a nasty exhaust leak.  It sounded horrible and performance was suffering.  I originally planned to do it over the winter so I wouldn't have any downtime but I didn't end up (...)

Dynomax VT Mufflers [review] (for the Capri)



I wanted to try to get rid of the drone I was experiencing on the highway...wanted to quiet the car down a bit overall too if possible.  After some research I ended up going with the Dynomax VT (...)

Drag Racing 101


My Car Launch

Drag Racing is in my blood and I love it so I figured I'd put a little something together for the first timer!

Racing at the track is not an easy (...)

Stinger Performance's Plug-in Microsquirt Powered (PiMP) ECU



When I first saw this was going to be available I knew I wanted it for my Capri - even though I had no prior MS experience and even though I ALSO have an SVO! (which the PiMP was originally developed) My Capri is heavily modified, and while it (...)

Wheel Refinishing



The wheels on my Mustang SVO were in decent shape when I got it but just weren't up to my standards. The clear was chipping and checking in several spots and they just didn't look that great - especially when they got dirty. They were "yellowing" in a few spots too - Additionally, one of them looks as if it was (...)

Mustang SVO fuzzy dash refurb



So the dash panels in the SVO weren't in the best shape when I got the car so I decided to research "re-fuzzying" it. After some quick searches I decided I was going to tackle it. See below on how it looked before I started.


79-86 Capri Mustang Dash Pad Fix


(Fairmont/Zephyr dashes are similar)


As I was stripping the old paint from the dash pad of my Capri in order to refinish it I carelessly dropped a scraper on the speaker hole area creating a nasty looking LARGER hole...(Note, this was mid paint removal so (...)

Wild Rides S-box Installation


Wild Rides S-Box install – By Mike Martinelli Jr. – aka n20capri


After ripping out my passengers' side upper torque box at Atco in April 2008 it was time to get serious so I picked up the Wild Rides S-box (aka the Stang Box) to solve the problem. It’s beefy, not too difficult (...)